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Living a life also means dealing with and resolving problems which life may occasionally bring. Sometimes we do well, other times we just muddle through, but most of the time, we manage. Still, there are moments when the going gets rough and we feel that we are in trouble. In such situations – when the stress and fatigue become too much to bear, or when we see no way out – it is good to have someone to share the burden with, and to help us look for solutions.

It is not always an easy decision to approach a psychotherapist. However, this decision can lead us to eventually discover our potential, personal fulfilment, acceptance and dealing with whatever obstacle life may bring us.

First and foremost, psychotherapy is an encounter of human beings. It brings a deeper understanding of self, and motivates us to search for answers and values in life.

From a professional point of view, psychotherapy is a term describing processes intended to relieve a person of distress, or at least to mitigate impact of such distress. Methods that are used differ, and will depend on the therapist´s training and background. Most frequently, psychotherapy is based on conversation. Therapist is sworn to secrecy and may not divulge content of such conversations to third parties without the client´s explicit approval.

For me personally, psychotherapy is an opportunity to discover the unique and exciting stories of humans and their lives, as well as the possibility to take part in their gradual change into a fulfilled existence.

I work with Existential Analysis and Logotherapy (therapy oriented on searching for good conditions for a human existence and meaning of life), that is based on the work of an Austrian physician and psychiatrist Dr. Viktor Emil Frankl and his student, also an Austrian physician and psychologist, DDr. Alfried Längle.

I work with both adults and teenagers (from 14 years of age). They may include individuals finding themselves in complicated life situations, having problems in their relationships with others, suffering from various forms of anxiety and depression or, last but not least, may simple be struggling with their addictions. Often, my clients simply look for a way to live meaningful and rewarding lives.

To achieve change, in some situations only a handful of sessions will do; in others, a long-term participation and cooperation is required. Content and course of counselling or psychotherapy, its possibilities and individual therapy plan are usually discussed during the first session.

It is life itself that asks questions of us… (Viktor E. Frankl)
…and we answer them with the way we live.

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